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The 7 Best Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Throwing a birthday party for kids has long been something that parents really think about before they put their plans into place. They want to have something that is different and enjoyable for their kids. Since this can take some to come up with just the right idea, they are always looking for some input from other people.

When coming up with ideas for birthday parties for kids, people need to consider how much space they have and how many people may be attending the party. Once they have a better idea of these issues, they will be able to consider the following ideas:

1. Theme Party

Taking a special theme and building around it is a popular way to throw a kid’s party. If they like a certain type of animal, the party can be built around it. Likewise, if they like a certain fairy tale, the decorations can be built around that.

2. Waterslide Rental Party

Another great party idea is to rent a waterslide for the kids to use. It’s important to let them know ahead of time to bring their swimsuit, a towel, and possibly a blanket to lay on. This can be a really fun and exciting way to throw a party.

3. Special Guest Party

This is when a special guest appears at the party. Perhaps a clown may come in to give out balloons or presents and kids just love this type of party because they have such a fun time.

4. A Fun House

Renting a fun house that can be put in the backyard is another great way to throw a birthday party for a kid. All of their friends and they can play in the fun house during the time that the party is going on.

5. Going To The Zoo

The zoo offers a great place for people to throw a birthday party for their children. Amusement parks also offer nice places to gather all the people to have a great time too.

6. Pool Party

Going to a public swimming pool is another possibility. There are usually great groves and picnic areas in the area where the pool is that people will be able to gather and have a great time.

When planning a birthday party for a child, people need to make sure that they send out invitations where they ask people to RSVP as soon as possible. Knowing how many people will be there is important because parents will need to have enough food and drink for everyone to enjoy. Seating is also an issue that must be covered. Parents might have to rent some chairs or borrow them so that there is enough seating for everyone to have a place to sit. Planning ahead of time for decorations is also important. They want to make it look nice for the kid so that they can really have a great time at their party. This all will help to make it a true success.



The 31 Best Christmas Gifts for 5 Year Olds Girls in 2020

The festive season is almost, and it’s the perfect time of the year to spend time with friends or family. There is no better way to make a good impression on a little one this Christmas than to get them a memorable gift. Gifts help build social bonds, and it can be a good way to enjoy spending time with your little one.

However, there are various types of gifts out there, making it difficult to pick one that will make a lasting impression. No more struggles for you because we have useful product suggestions for you.

We have some of the best Christmas gifts for five-year-old girls for you in this guide. Some of the top picks include the Rockland Fashion Luggage SetHOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks, and many more.

Let us dive right into it:

Rockland Fashion Softside Luggage Set

Five olds will surely be happy this Christmas with the Rockland Fashion Softside Luggage Set. It a luggage set that has a heavy-duty and molded fabric for longevity. The bag also has three expandable uprights and a flight tote bag for convenience.

HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks

The HOMOFY 40PCS Magnetic Books Set helps kids learn as they play. It’s a fun set with different shapes and assorted colors. Plus, the magnetic blocks are made using BPA free material for longevity. The blocks also have round edges to make them safe and to give a smooth feeling in the hands.

Liberty Imports Light Up Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set

Excitement and fun are some of the privileges your child will enjoy with the Liberty Arrow Toy Set. It’s a set that helps improve their hand-eye coordination and shooting techniques. The Arrow set is available with 3 light settings to help keep your child entertained.

New Hair Chalk Comb Temporary Bright Dye for Girls Kids

Choosing girls’ gifts is easy, and it’s why we recommend the New Hair Bright Hair Color Dye. The set is available in 6 different colors, which one can mix to produce different colors. Plus, the dye is non-allergenic and water-soluble for ease of use. The colors are available with a comb for convenient color applications.

Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog | Slip On Shoes

Happy is when a child gets a good gift for Christmas. The Crocs Kids Classic Clog can be a good example. The baby crocs are light and exceptionally comfortable for all-day wearing. They also have an appealing finish, which is perfect for kids and lets them play with style.

Disney Kids Watch

Make a good impression on your little one with the Disney Kids Watch. The watch has unique characters on it, such as Disney Anna and Elsa. Plus, the material is scratch-resistant, and it also has a durable nylon strap for convenient use. It also offers water resistance to depths of up to 99 feet.

Toys for 3-8 Year Old Girls Pussan Smart Watches for Kids

The Pussan Smart Watch for kids comes with funny inbuilt education games to help engage your little one’s creativity. It is easy to charge through a micro-USB port and has sleep functions for convenience. Also, the watch has a smart off-screen and 20 different appealing clock faces.

ToyVelt Punching Bag For Kids Boxing Set

Fun is important for your child development, and it’s possible with the ToyVelt Boxing Set this Christmas. The boxing set helps them blow off steam and practice their hand-eye coordination skills. Furthermore, it has a weighted stand and elastic spring, which is easy to adjust.

M SANMERSEN Piano Mat, Musical Keyboard Playmat 39.5″

The M SANMERSEN Piano mat can produce different types of animal sounds and pronunciations. It’s a foldable keyboard, which offers clear sound and with a unique flashing effect. Made using non-woven fabric, the mat will ensure years of fun and longevity.

Jewelkeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box

Enjoy memorable moments this Christmas with your daughter by getting the Jewelkeeper Music Storage box. It provides adequate space for earrings, keepsakes, necklaces, and more. Furthermore, the material is made using durable pine fiberboard material for longevity.

GirlZone Temporary Glitter Tattoos Kit for Girls

Check out the Girl zone Glitter Tattoo Kit, which helps engage your little one’s creativity and offers a fun art experience. The kit set includes 24 tattoos, stencils, 6 pots of glitter, and brushes. Additionally, the tattoo is easy to apply and remove. The materials also have safe and non-toxic ingredients.

Butterfly Craze Girl’s Lounger Seats and Pillow Cover

Patterns are fun, and so are the ones on this Butterfly Craze Lounger Seats Cover and Pillow Cover. The entire set is available in appealing colors perfect for a play date, sleepovers, and more. It’s also durable and suitable for machine or hand washing.

Tara Toy Princess Necklace Activity Set

Let your girl learn how to mix and match colors by creating excellent jewelry products. It’s a set that lets them have fun by creating appealing necklaces using different beads and colors. Furthermore, the set has 5 necklaces and are easy to use.

FunzBo Snap Pop Beads for Girls Toys

The FunzBo Snap Pop Beads are appealing and excellent for entertaining your five-year-old daughter. It’s a color set with over 520 different colors. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, and your child won’t have to use threads or strings. The unique diversity of the set will help encourage the creativity of your child.

Amazon Essentials Girl’s Hooded Puffer Jacket

Designed to be durable and comfortable, the Amazon Essentials jacket is also an excellent gift for Christmas. It has a lined hood, and the front slit pockets make it highly convenient to use. Also, it packs neatly into the included bag and has a drawstring closure for safety.

Move2Play Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for Kids

Singing is fun for small girls, and the Move2Play Karaoke Microphone is an excellent investment. It can also work as a Bluetooth speaker, which you can use to connect to YouTube or even Apple Music. Also, the microphone is available with precision stereo speakers for excellent volume.

SUNCITY Girl Toys Gifts Kids Camera

Change your little one’s mood this Christmas with the SUNCITY camera. The camera has a 2.0-inch IPS screen that delivers a clear and crisp image. Furthermore, the camera has a 5-megapixel lens and can record 1080P HD videos. With a 500mAh lithium battery, the camera offers hours of fun.

Binoculars for Kids Best Gifts for 3-12 Years Boys Girls

Your little one deserves the best this Christmas, and it’s why these binoculars are excellent. They are small, lightweight, and perfect for various types of outdoor activities. They are also available in many colors and can view scenes up to 122ft/1000 yards away. The high-resolution screen with 8X and 7.2°viewing angle delivers exceptional images.

Star Night Light Projector for Bedroom, 360° Rotating Stars

Make a good impression on your little one this Christmas with the Star Night Light Projector. The projector can produce high-quality images of animals and the stars. Thus, it can help take your child’s nighttime experiences to a new level. The projector is also available with 4 AAA batteries for optimal power.

2020 Newest Unicorn Bathrobe for Girls

The 2020 Newest Unicord Bathrobe for girls is comfy and made using premium grade material. It’s a cute hooded unicorn cloth, and the in-built belt provides a secure fit. Even more, the material is skin-friendly and suitable for various types of outdoor activities.

ZGMYC Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag Small Coin Purse

Made using high-quality materials, the ZGMYC Shoulder Purse is ultra-soft and comfortable in the hands. It’s even available with ultra-soft leather, and it feels comfortable in the hands. Plus, the magnetic strap closure makes it easy to open and close.

3 Pack Kids Walkie Talkies Gifts for Boys Age

Equip your child with the 3 Pack Kids Walkie Talkie Set. It’s a fun way to have fun this Christmas. The walkie talkie set can accommodate 2-mile ranges and 3 channels. It also has improved voice technology and simple to use push to talk system.

Kids Games, Safe Dart Board for Kids

The Double Side Safe Dart Board for kids is made using high-quality material and helps your child build their math skills. The board has ports that are sturdy for easy hanging and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It’s easy to attach to the target and provides a buffering role to prevent injury complications.

CubicFun Race Tracks for Adventure 

Ideal for hand-eye coordination and education, the Cubic Fun tracks are perfect for hours of fun this Christmas. It’s available with 6 buttons that make it easy to pass various challenges. Also, the rounded edge design and polished edges help ensure secure usage. The ABS material construction makes the tracks durable for years of fun and longevity.

Hudson Girls’ Cotton Dress, Cardigan, and Shoe Set

Made using 100% cotton, the Hudson Cardigan and shoe set is also an excellent gift recommendation. It has a pull on closure mechanism, which makes it easy to set up. Plus, the entire set is available with a dress, cardigan, shoes, and more. These are durable components that will ensure years of longevity.

LeaderPro Gift Kids Camera 

A digital camera is a useful gift for your little one. The Leaderpro Gift Kids camera can provide high-resolution images and video. It also takes 2 hours to charge and is equipped with a powerful 600mAh battery. Plus, the camera lets you access over 6 filter effects and 30 inbuilt frame effects.

Temi Pretend Birthday Cake for Kids

Play and education are both possible with the Temi Pretend Birthday Cake for Kids. The entire set is made using safe and high-quality BPA-free plastic material for convenience. The dynamic art set includes candles, plates, serving knife, fork, spoon, and more. It’s the perfect set to help improve your little one’s creativity.

Drawing Stencils Set for Kids Creativity Kit

Fun is just a few minutes away with the Drawing Stencils Set for kids. The entire set is available with colored pencils, a sharpener, a pen, and a case. Even more, it’s dynamic to help promote the creativity of your child for artistic crafts. Plus, the handy carry case can hold different types of art supplies.

MLB Baseball Player Duvet & Pillowcase Set

A sports themed duvet set can also be a great gift set for your little one. Let your little one become part of their popular ball clubs with this duvet and pillow set. It has a unique base balled themed design which is appealing and playful kids. Plus, the material is made using soft polyester and nylon – perfect for a long night of rest.

DIY Board Games

There is nothing better than when you can enjoy playing board games with the kids. The DIY Board offers competitive games, and it also appeals to the imaginative side of little ones. It contains games such as backgammon and checkerboard tokens, which can be fun for a lazy afternoon.

Scary Bingo

Christmas is around the corner, and the Scary Bingo set can be a great way to enjoy spending time with your little one. It’s available with 25 creepy creatures that guarantee hours of fun. Even more, the set is also available with a game board, and an 8 sided bingo to add more fun to your experience.


The motto for the festive season this year is “give, share and enjoy.” With all the hassles associated with the Covid 19 pandemic, Christmas this season won’t be like most other years. However, we can still have fun and share special moments with our loved ones. The products in this best Christmas gifts for five-year-old girls guide should be helpful.

Most of these gifts are perfect for having fun, and some such as the FunzBo Snap Pop Beads for Girls Toys, are also educative.


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